Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An Evening with the Indians

After we went to the IMA, we headed back downtown for an evening of baseball at Victory Field. The evening was perfect. It was cool, cool enough for sweatshirts had I been better prepared. My mom got us great seats. The boys were unhappy being behind the net behind home plate. You just can't catch fly balls and broken bats being there. I was good with it.

Our children are nuts!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


After the wedding and really doing a pretty good job with the budget, we were looking for things that were on the cheap/free side to do with the kids. The Indianapolis Musuem of Art, perfect. The grounds are HUGE and sooooo pretty, and FREE! We packed a picnic lunch and spent a few hours wondering around through the gardens and the new 100 acre tract.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Canal Visit

Man!! Things have been busy. We had the flu run like wildfire through our house 5 days before the wedding. Every. Single. Person got sick. Not fun. We had a wedding, then an absolutely too short honeymoon, a week of staycation with the kids, and two birthdays. On Wednesday last week we took the kids down to the canal to ride around and have a picnic. The kids had never been to the canal, they liked it.

This is what my husband does. Anytime he sees something that he could possibly climb, he does.

Maggie is obsessive about water. She wanted a drink and "accidentally" fell in. It was just like watching one of the kids deliberately do something they aren't supposed too.

There's my clan waiting for me. I get distracted and stop to take pictures of things and then they have to wait :)