Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We have a point and shoot camera. It has decided that it would like to not work. The menu button doesn't work. See, that's kinda important. Especially when I can fill up the memory card really fast. No erasing, no changing the settings, but I can still use the macro. I'm thinking this is the camera's way of encouraging me to use the other camera in the house. It's an old one. I'm not sure how old, but Cody's parents used it when he was little, so you know it's gotta be up there in age (hehehe, I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to imply you are old). Truthfully, I'm afraid of this camera. It's all manual and I don't know jack about how to work it. It has two lenses (I think) and this big flash thingy (see, I'm stupid really). I like the instant gratification digital gives you. I don't want to wait for film to develop, or pay for film, or pay to have it developed, or pay for the digital files (I'm seeing a trend here). But I do want to be able to take pictures of the pretty orchid we have spent two years babying so it would re-bloom (those suckers are hard to have bloom again). I want to take pictures of baseball games, and dance competitions, and whatever else I feel the desire to take a picture of. Maybe it's time to embrace this fear and bust the vintage camera out of it's hiding place, and maybe buy a book about how to use it, I don't think the digital book I got for Christmas will help me here. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Movie

We watched a movie this week. I'm sometimes very impressionable and I wasn't sure how I would take this movie (it's flaw and I can own up to it). I had read some things about the movie Food, Inc. and decided to add it to the Netflix queue. MAN! Talk about a movie that will really make you think. We aren't the average family when it comes to what we eat everyday and what we buy at the grocery store every week. We make a lot of things from scratch. I perimeter shop, not much comes from the middle of the store. I'm not a big fan of putting processed crap into my body or the bodies of my family. I don't really like putting things into our bodies when I can't pronounce it and really couldn't tell you what it is. We aren't perfect when it comes to this, but I do try. We don't eat out much, it helps that we are doing some of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace stuff, but most of it just comes from liking what we can cook at home better then what we pay a fortune for out. After watching this movie, I have a different mind set on much more. The animal treatment was the biggest thing for me. I just had no idea how horribly these creatures that think and feel and are pretty smart are treated. Now we are doing our research on finding local farmers to get meat from. Yes it's more expensive. This part is absurd. Why does it cost so much more to eat healthy, but the junk stuff is always what's on sale and has coupons? But the way I'm looking at it is like this...we can punish our bodies and these animals or our checkbook can be punished...we are going with the checkbook. Seriously good movie that will really make you think about what you are putting into your body.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Uncle Blake's Gingerbread Cakes

Hannah and I made cookies Sunday. She got a book called "Crumbs Bake Shop in a Box" for Christmas. With the book she also got pink measuring spoons, a stencil, and recipe cards. We went through the cards and the only recipe that we had everything for was Uncle Blake's Gingerbread Cakes, so we made those. She really enjoys cooking and baking. This is good, because I really enjoy it also. I think her favorite part was getting to lick the mixer blade and her hands after we rolled the dough into balls. They weren't bad, if you like gingerbread cookies.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm glad he's not old enough to do that by himself

He asked Uncle Kempis if he could drive the 4-wheeler. Of course Uncle Kempis said "sure." The squeals of excitement were made the whole way up the hill. He was soooo excited he got to do this. He's going to want to do this every time we gone there now. He's just one of those kids that loves to do all kinds of things, and tends to be pretty good at them. We were talking about that after we got back to their house. He loves to play football, basketball, soccer, baseball, play video games, board games, watch movies, go to school, stories...I could go on and on. And I know that when he's old enough to go to a shooting range with Cody he's going to be ALL over that. Then he'll want to go hunting with him and do all those boy things that I don't have any desire to do, but I will gladly reap the fruits of their labor with a freezer full of meat.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slip and slide

While we were sledding, the kids found a pretty nice size ice patch. They would get a running start and slide on their bellies, backs, feet, and knees. They spent just as much time slipping and sliding on the ice as they did sledding.

Monday, January 11, 2010


First, we are pretty outdoorsy people. We all love being outside. Maybe not so much when it's cold and snowy, but we'll play in the snow. You would think that we would be prepared for sledding. Well, we aren't. We decided it's because we've never had a place to go sledding. Now we do and we went Saturday. The only problem...we are a house without sleds. Oh, and every store we went to was sold out. SO, we are now looking for sleds to be prepared next time. Good thing others are willing to share. The kids may not have wanted to, but you have to do what your parents tell you to :)
Hannah and Eli had to borrow the boys' sleds. They all ended up taking turns on going down the hill. Then Uncle Kempis would drive the 4-wheeler down and get them. They had a great time.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Morning

It's snowing this morning. At school yesterday, they talked about maybe not having school today. We are supposed to get 3-6" and for the half of the kids that live out in the country, this could be not very safe. They were both up earlier then they had to be hoping for no school. No suck luck guys, go get dressed...but 2 districts that border ours closed? Drama began. Eli did not want to go to his Nawny's. He wanted to stay home with me and play in the snow. Hannah wanted to stay home and play in the snow too. She's very concerned about me getting her if they close school early. "Don't worry, I'll get you if they close early. But how will you know Mama? Don't worry, I'll be there." When we were getting in the truck (woohoo new tires in the snow!) to leave, Eli informed me that when we get the 6" it's going to be bigger then he is! I love little ones and the things they say :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On a roll

I thought after Christmas the whole spending money thing was supposed to stop. O, so I was wrong? OK. Since we have been on a spending money roll lately, with the holidays and all, why not throw these in the mix too. Sure, no problem. Wait, aren't we supposed to be using this money to pay off our debt? The positive side is that we can count our blessings because we can do this. I just want a fun purchase. Tires aren't fun, necessary, but not fun. A new camera, now that's fun!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Some Christmas fun

Christmas came and flew by again this year. We never seem to have enough time to just sit and relax and enjoy the holiday. We have lots of fun, but it just seems so busy.

There are gingerbread houses to construct.

Then there are gingerbread houses to decorate.

And finished products that really should have won had our mom not been playing favorites with the baby of the family. Sarah, do you find it strange that the babies in both families won?

We mustn't forget the whirlwind of present to unwrap.

And the obscene amount of Wii that was played.

The most important of all things was just being able to spend time with our families. We are both so blessed to have great families that we love being around.

But I shouldn't forget that my mom is crazy and thought it would be awesome if her boys, her son-in-law, and almost (less then 6 months!!!) son-in-law had matching shirts!! We shall call them "The Front Pocket Boys" except CJ messed that up.