Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Movie

We watched a movie this week. I'm sometimes very impressionable and I wasn't sure how I would take this movie (it's flaw and I can own up to it). I had read some things about the movie Food, Inc. and decided to add it to the Netflix queue. MAN! Talk about a movie that will really make you think. We aren't the average family when it comes to what we eat everyday and what we buy at the grocery store every week. We make a lot of things from scratch. I perimeter shop, not much comes from the middle of the store. I'm not a big fan of putting processed crap into my body or the bodies of my family. I don't really like putting things into our bodies when I can't pronounce it and really couldn't tell you what it is. We aren't perfect when it comes to this, but I do try. We don't eat out much, it helps that we are doing some of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace stuff, but most of it just comes from liking what we can cook at home better then what we pay a fortune for out. After watching this movie, I have a different mind set on much more. The animal treatment was the biggest thing for me. I just had no idea how horribly these creatures that think and feel and are pretty smart are treated. Now we are doing our research on finding local farmers to get meat from. Yes it's more expensive. This part is absurd. Why does it cost so much more to eat healthy, but the junk stuff is always what's on sale and has coupons? But the way I'm looking at it is like this...we can punish our bodies and these animals or our checkbook can be punished...we are going with the checkbook. Seriously good movie that will really make you think about what you are putting into your body.

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Sarah said...

For dinner last night I had some nasty bar nachos. For lunch today I had stir-fried bok choy and Teddy Grahams. Is that weird? Should I add this movie to my queue? Will it tell me to eat less nachos?