Monday, January 11, 2010


First, we are pretty outdoorsy people. We all love being outside. Maybe not so much when it's cold and snowy, but we'll play in the snow. You would think that we would be prepared for sledding. Well, we aren't. We decided it's because we've never had a place to go sledding. Now we do and we went Saturday. The only problem...we are a house without sleds. Oh, and every store we went to was sold out. SO, we are now looking for sleds to be prepared next time. Good thing others are willing to share. The kids may not have wanted to, but you have to do what your parents tell you to :)
Hannah and Eli had to borrow the boys' sleds. They all ended up taking turns on going down the hill. Then Uncle Kempis would drive the 4-wheeler down and get them. They had a great time.


Kelly said...

I can see how that looks fun to children and individuals who enjoy snow. :) lol

Sarah said...

Wow! That place is so pretty!!! You went down the hill, too, right?