Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We have a point and shoot camera. It has decided that it would like to not work. The menu button doesn't work. See, that's kinda important. Especially when I can fill up the memory card really fast. No erasing, no changing the settings, but I can still use the macro. I'm thinking this is the camera's way of encouraging me to use the other camera in the house. It's an old one. I'm not sure how old, but Cody's parents used it when he was little, so you know it's gotta be up there in age (hehehe, I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to imply you are old). Truthfully, I'm afraid of this camera. It's all manual and I don't know jack about how to work it. It has two lenses (I think) and this big flash thingy (see, I'm stupid really). I like the instant gratification digital gives you. I don't want to wait for film to develop, or pay for film, or pay to have it developed, or pay for the digital files (I'm seeing a trend here). But I do want to be able to take pictures of the pretty orchid we have spent two years babying so it would re-bloom (those suckers are hard to have bloom again). I want to take pictures of baseball games, and dance competitions, and whatever else I feel the desire to take a picture of. Maybe it's time to embrace this fear and bust the vintage camera out of it's hiding place, and maybe buy a book about how to use it, I don't think the digital book I got for Christmas will help me here. :)

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Sarah said...

I sent mom home with my canon body. It's film and needs a new lens (hello ebay). But it takes some good pics. If you don't want it maybe CJ does? Either way, make sure to take care of it without it's lens, don't stick things in there! Love you!!

It likes 400 speed film:)