Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Garden in motion

Cody has been busy the last few weekends. We decided we wanted a garden this year. So, we've been reading books. Yeah, I'm a nerd. I love books, I love reading them, I love learning new things (more so now 'cause I can pick what I learn). We all worked hard (kids included) on getting the spot ready 2 weekends ago. Last weekend he tilled up the area and laid fertilizer. It's coming along. I can't wait until we can actually get plants out there.

This is another thing we are trying our hand at. From what I've read there's a science to getting your compost pile started. But you can't mess it up either. We'll see, they could both totally flop.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stories about shots

Eli had his kindergarten shots done last week. I didn't tell him until we were on our way to have them done. He didn't lose it until we walked into the room and he saw the nurse and the shots up on the counter. Then he became screaming, crying, limbs going in every direction child. My job, as his mother and the person he hated most at that moment in time because I brought him, became to control the limbs going in every direction. This required a great deal of force on my part to restrain the 32lb little boy. I succeed (and only got stuck once by the nurse) and he had the 3 shots he needed to be officially enrolled in kindergarten. He walked out with a sticker and toothbrush and like he hadn't transformed himself just a few minutes prior. Ice cream was in order, for all of us, we deserved it.

While I was eating my ice cream I laughed about his experience and Hannah's. Hers was similar, just 2 years before. When she realized what was going to happen to her, she threw herself under two chairs AND then the table. It took the nurse, the doctor, and myself to pull her out and then hold her down. 30+ lb bodies are really hard to control when they are fighting with everything they have to avoid the dreaded needle. I can't say I blame, needles suck and they hurt for a second.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wedding Ramblings

One of the biggest downfalls of losing a job while in the midst of planning a wedding, well and just living life, is the complete 180 you have to do. So we do just that, we adapt and change the vision and what we view as important. The future has always been what's most important. Not throwing ourselves into debt over a day. The meaning is more important then the show or the party. One of our big things is being able to reuse what we are spending money on. With the ceremony location being outside we don't have to do much to it. Flowers in flower pots, that's it. Our flowers pots can be used at our house or maybe given away. Getting a few pots at a time and just buying things we like. No color or pattern or size or shape to stick too, whatever floats our boat. We got these over the weekend...

Cody thought we should get a few stands just to give a few of the plants some height and make things not so boring. We got 2 of these stands...

I can't decide if we should leave them the color they are or paint them a different color. A different color might make them pop a little more, but then that's another decision I have to make. And I'm over those at the moment :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Almost spring babies

I'm a sucker for babies. Almost all babies, human and animal alike. I love springtime animal babies. Even though this one was born with snow still on the ground it's almost spring, so we'll count it right? It's going to be 50 this weekend! Time to be outside (when not inside for dance competitions this weekend)! I've been trying to pump my baby up to getting on his bike. He's sooo ready to ride without training wheels and he wants to be able to ride around the high school. Keep your fingers crossed it'll happen without any broken bones.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

On the way home...

There are a few farms we go by on our way to and from preschool. As we approached one of them, I told him how there was a new calf in one of the fields. He's brand new, like he wasn't there yesterday. This morning he chased my car from behind the fence. Super cute! Anyway, I was telling him about the calf and showed him where he was. He wasn't playing this afternoon, he was sleeping. Then this is what Eli told me...
(Eli) Mama, Maggie wouldn't be happy about that. She might not like cows.
(Me) But if we lived on a farm and had cows Maggie would want to herd them and help keep them safe.
(Eli) Right, but if she got hurt she would heal really fast. Cause Maggie is a heeler and they heal really fast. She would hurt anyone that tried to do anything to the cows. If we had a burglar come in and they hurt Maggie, then she would be ok. Remember when she was sick and she got better really fast? A heeler is the best kind of dog to have.
Being a mom, seriously the best job in the world.