Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stories about shots

Eli had his kindergarten shots done last week. I didn't tell him until we were on our way to have them done. He didn't lose it until we walked into the room and he saw the nurse and the shots up on the counter. Then he became screaming, crying, limbs going in every direction child. My job, as his mother and the person he hated most at that moment in time because I brought him, became to control the limbs going in every direction. This required a great deal of force on my part to restrain the 32lb little boy. I succeed (and only got stuck once by the nurse) and he had the 3 shots he needed to be officially enrolled in kindergarten. He walked out with a sticker and toothbrush and like he hadn't transformed himself just a few minutes prior. Ice cream was in order, for all of us, we deserved it.

While I was eating my ice cream I laughed about his experience and Hannah's. Hers was similar, just 2 years before. When she realized what was going to happen to her, she threw herself under two chairs AND then the table. It took the nurse, the doctor, and myself to pull her out and then hold her down. 30+ lb bodies are really hard to control when they are fighting with everything they have to avoid the dreaded needle. I can't say I blame, needles suck and they hurt for a second.

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