Tuesday, March 2, 2010

On the way home...

There are a few farms we go by on our way to and from preschool. As we approached one of them, I told him how there was a new calf in one of the fields. He's brand new, like he wasn't there yesterday. This morning he chased my car from behind the fence. Super cute! Anyway, I was telling him about the calf and showed him where he was. He wasn't playing this afternoon, he was sleeping. Then this is what Eli told me...
(Eli) Mama, Maggie wouldn't be happy about that. She might not like cows.
(Me) But if we lived on a farm and had cows Maggie would want to herd them and help keep them safe.
(Eli) Right, but if she got hurt she would heal really fast. Cause Maggie is a heeler and they heal really fast. She would hurt anyone that tried to do anything to the cows. If we had a burglar come in and they hurt Maggie, then she would be ok. Remember when she was sick and she got better really fast? A heeler is the best kind of dog to have.
Being a mom, seriously the best job in the world.

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