Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Morning

It's snowing this morning. At school yesterday, they talked about maybe not having school today. We are supposed to get 3-6" and for the half of the kids that live out in the country, this could be not very safe. They were both up earlier then they had to be hoping for no school. No suck luck guys, go get dressed...but 2 districts that border ours closed? Drama began. Eli did not want to go to his Nawny's. He wanted to stay home with me and play in the snow. Hannah wanted to stay home and play in the snow too. She's very concerned about me getting her if they close school early. "Don't worry, I'll get you if they close early. But how will you know Mama? Don't worry, I'll be there." When we were getting in the truck (woohoo new tires in the snow!) to leave, Eli informed me that when we get the 6" it's going to be bigger then he is! I love little ones and the things they say :)

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