Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I love birthdays...not so much mine but others. It is a little difficult when all 3 of the kids birthdays fall 15 day apart. Needless to say we've been busy the last 2 1/2 weeks. We did a group party for the three of them. Lucas picked a Colts theme, Hannah picked Barbie dancing princess, and Eli picked Hot Wheels. We had the party at Independence Park and they all had a great time. What more could a kid ask for...cake, balloons, food, and a playground all in one day. :)

The only bad part of birthdays...how big they are getting. It amazes me how much they change in a year.

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Brittanny said...

Megan love the blog! You did a great job. Matt and I will check it often so we can see how you all are doing! Hope to see you all again very soon.