Thursday, September 24, 2009

Apple Orchard

We went to Anderson Orchard on Saturday. This is one of our favorite fall-y things to do. Eli missed his field trip with school on Friday because of the surgery, so I decided to take them Saturday. They had a ball. We love trying to find the best, most perfect, reddest apples. They only look for red. The green ones are too soury (their term, not mine). We did decide that we need someone taller then me to go with us. Cody had to work so he couldn't join us. There were lots of apples that we admired just out of my reach. If only I were a little taller. We decided that we need to go back. Some of the apple varieties weren't ready yet.

This is the smile I get when I ask for one. She says this is how she smiles. I have to work on getting her to relax and not force them.

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