Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We took the kids fishing a few weeks ago. My dad has a small pond near his house that is FULL of fish. We know there are catfish and blue gill. He claims there are bass. He hasn't caught any and Cody tried and was unsuccessful. That is still an undermined fact. There are LOTS of bluegill. The kids caught over 60 of those suckers. They would cast and within a minute or two would have a fish. Needless to say, that's a lot of taking fish off hooks for grown-ups. I think I got to cast out twice and then I just gave up. But it was a blast watching the kids catch and have fun.

Cody and Eli also each caught a catfish. Eli has this itty bitty pole with a light line on it. He casted out with a bee moth on the end and ends up with a catfish. That's like a one in a million chance that he caught it and could reel it in without the fish snapping the pole or his line. And in true fisherman likeness, when he tells the story the fish is always bigger :)

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Kelly said...

Great pictures! Eli looks SO proud! :)