Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Why do boys have to be so much stronger then girls? How come there isn't anything that I could beat Cody at? Even when it comes to playing games on the Wii, I don't win. Eli beats everyone. And I mean everyone, nobody has beaten him at any of the games. Hannah and Cody always beat me too. Maybe I'm just supposed to finish dead last. I should just accept my fate and begin to be OK with it. Anyway, we have decided to start riding and using the climbing wall in the garage because we (more like me) just don't have time at night. I get home no earlier then 6:15 every evening and then it's time to make dinner, check homework, baths, jammies, brush teeth, stories, and then bed. This is usually followed about a half hour or so of "momma" or "mommy, I need you." By 9:00 I'm done. For the last few weeks the kids haven't been sleeping through the night so neither have I. This means I'm tired. Back to the being not strong. We got on the trainer this morning (keep in mind I haven't been on my bike since maybe October) and Cody tells me to try and keep my cadence (rotation of the pedals) at 80. I looked at him and said "no, I'm at 65 and this is hard so shut-up." And then I smiled and proceeded to spend the 30 minutes pedaling and frowning. These are the times when he's sooo excited to spend the rest of his life with me. Then we spent some time on the climbing wall. Let me clarify, because he's WAY stronger then me, he can spend a few minutes on it. Me, I'm good for about 30 seconds and then I fall off. The first fall off was fabulous. I missed the mat and ended up on my arse. I wonder how sore I'm going to be 5 hours from now...

This would be nice to have in the garage, becuase then I wouldn't fall on the floor (the harness and rope wouldn't let me) and it's way bigger then what we have :)

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