Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Santa Race 2009

Every year my family gets together a day or two before Christmas to have the Santa Race. This really just consists of of us running around downtown looking like crazy people who are having a great time. My mom and aunt really enjoy coming up with new ways to make us look insane. This year they decided to add cameras to capture said craziness. The other members of my team were my sister-in-law, Brittanny, and my cousin, Brad. Here they are in a scene from The Nutcracker. Well, our version of The Nutcracker.

This is an ant's view of our group.

This is Brad playing an instrument.

And here we are spelling out CAT.

Neither of them got to participate in the madness. Cody had to work and missed the race, but did join us the Gingerbread house making event. Santa Landon, well, pushing a stroller would just slow us down. No group wanted that. It's all about winning baby! Unless you are unfortunate enough to be put on my team. We have done this for 4 years. Guess who has lost every year? Yep, I rock at races!

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