Monday, December 7, 2009

Whale Watching

Whale watching tours are a blast! The dolphins had lots of fun playing in the waves off the front of the boat. There had to have been 100 in this school. And the babies were adorable jumping right next to their mommas. Totally worth getting soaked to see them.

This is what we were really after. Humpback whales. There is a huge dip on the bottom of the ocean that creates just the right atmosphere with water temp, and food sources to bring the whales here every year on their way south to their breeding grounds. Taking pictures of whales was not in the cards for us. Two reasons...those suckers just surface whenever and wherever they want (not easy to take a picture when you have no idea where they will be!), and the camera didn't like the rain and waves. Go figure, the camera got wet and quit working. So, good luck finding the whale in the only picture we got of them, but I promise there is a smidgen of a humpback whale up there.

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