Monday, February 16, 2009

The Best Present Ever!!

I think I got the best present ever for Valentine's Day. Who could ask for more then the love of your life asking you to spend the rest of your lives together? Really, it doesn't get any better then that. Maybe when he includes the kids, that could be a topper. Oh, I got both on Valentine's Day! Woohoo!

This is going to one of the best stories I ever get to tell and I don't think I'll ever get tired of telling it. This is the cake that Cody and the kids decorated. Hannah was very excited when Cody told her they were going to spell "will you marry me." She asked if she could be the flower girl. Cody told her of course. Then she asked if she could go on the honeymoon. He told her we'd talk about that later. I was brought out with my eyes closed. When I opened them this is what I saw, only I didn't see the absolutely gorgeous ring. I only saw the letters. My response, true to "clueless Megan" as my fiance (how cool, I get to call him that...minus the hyphenated e...not sure how to do that here) calls me, I said "is this a joke?" Followed by "are you serious?" His response was "well hell yeah I'm serious, will you marry me?" My response was yes, of course. After he put the ring on Hannah said "so did we just get married?" No, not yet honey! (I love it, how funny is she?)

I learned yesterday that my entire family knew that Cody had asked my dad for permission and their blessing...back in October. They all knew it was coming, they just didn't know when. Lucas is pumped. He was the first to find out Saturday before it happened. Cody managed to not say anything to anyone, not his brothers or his parents (I was totally shocked they didn't know). He believed this should be something that we shared with our families and friends as an engaged couple. One of the best things is that I had no idea he was even thinking this. He and I had talked about marriage a few times. He knew that I would marry him tomorrow if he asked, but I felt like for the most part he was content with our lives they way they were. Now we get to tackle the monumental task of planning a wedding. We have a possible June 2010 date. Ummm, what are the other 184 things says we (me?) have to do? OK, bring it on, I'm ready to marry this man! Do we have to wait 16 months?

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