Monday, February 2, 2009


Last Sunday Cody and I went skiing at Paoli Peaks. I haven't been on skis since my freshman year of high school which was roughly 15 years ago. He had never been on skis, a snowboard yes, but they aren't remotely the same. Let me just say that sometimes he makes me so mad because he kicks my ass on anything athletic. I'm not really competitive but I'd like to just find one thing where I can kick his ass. Skiing was no exception. I couldn't even stay upright during the lesson, let alone down a hill with both skis on. Dammit, I suck! I'm not sure how many times we went down, but I managed to stay upright the entire time just once. And actually I'm counting that on a technicality. A kid wiped me out from behind (it was actually pretty comical), so since that wasn't my fault I'm counting it. I would love to take the kids and do this, but since I don't think I'd be any help to them I think we'll wait. Maybe they'll be way better then their mom is.

This was how I looked all day, except when I was sliding on my butt. It's a good thing I can laugh at myself and not be upset. The only time I did get upset was getting off the ski lift and wiping out there. The operator didn't stop the lift. Trying to get out of the way quickly, with one ski attached, one somewhere else, two poles, and my uncoordinated ass was not funny (at least at the time).
We went with Cody's brother and sister-in-law and two of their boys. They were all great, even the boys. They teach them without poles so they have to learn the balance thing. Maybe in a few years the kids will be ready to take on this task.

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