Friday, February 13, 2009


These pictures were taken over Christmas. Cody's family was lucky enough to have everyone in the same state this year. They are spread out accross the country, so everyone together at one time is a rare occurrence. While everyone was home they opted to have a family picture taken. 10 grandchildren (when you count Hannah and Eli) and 8 grown-ups, that's a lot of pressure to get a good picture. We ended up with a few keepers. I think our kids take great pictures. They all love to pose and are all smiles.

I think this is pretty good. I guess when you look at any picture you can criticize. Now is the time I wish I had photoshop so I could play with it and make this much better. Surely I could help the ghost children in the front. You can tell it's the middle of winter and some of us haven't seen sunshine in a few months :)

These 3 love hammin' it up!

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