Thursday, April 9, 2009

But Mom!?!?!?!

After the proposal we decided we want to get married in the little chapel at the church Cody grew up in. This chapel is amazing. It's small, and old, and perfect for us. We've been ok'd to have our ceremony here. We've also been attending Sunday morning masses. I like what I've been exposed to so far, as far as learning about a new religion and the church, and I like being back in church on a regular basis. Let me say that Hannah has mixed emotions about it. Some of the things kids say are just too priceless not to share. And they haven't lost the inhibition to really share exactly what they are thinking and feeling. I hope I can continue this ability for them to honestly share. I think it is soooo important for later in life.

Hannah: "Do we have to go to church?"

Me: "Wha? I thought you like going to church?"

Hannah: "I do, but all we do is stand-up, sit down, stand-up, sit down, kneel, pray, and sing...ugh!"

Me: "Hehehehehe...really? I'm sorry, but we are still going."

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