Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Baseball and spring have begun. We have practice two nights a week. Some nights practice will be field work and other nights will be hitting. He is having a blast. He pays attention for most the 45 minutes of practice and for the most part listens. Please, what 4 or 5 year old would listen and pay attention for 45 minutes straight? I'm good with most of the practice right now. They have 3 rules 1) no crying!!! I love this! I can guarantee he'll have to be reminded of this at some point in the season. 2) listen to the coach and 3) I haven't been listening, because I don't remember the third. So he comes by the not always listening honestly. He got his helmet and pants last weekend and this weekend we are getting his bat and bag. He doesn't know about that yet and will be super excited when he finds them. I need to take a picture of him, he's pretty cute in the helmet :)

She's pretty cute too. The colors in this picture make her eyes look grey. The smile is very fake. I can't ask her to smile for the camera or I get that smile. I have to catch her off guard, but I always like those pictures best anyway.

I love spring. So much new and pretty.

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