Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hunting for baskets and eggs

At our house, the Easter Bunny hides the baskets and he hides eggs too. When the kids get up Easter morning they have the daunting task of finding eggs AND baskets. Madness is pretty much a guarantee. This year we almost had tears too. The tears would have been from the 6 year old, the only girl, who is outnumbered by boys. I would have thought she would have been happy. First, she found his basket in the cabinet and showed him.

Next, she found his basket in the linen closet and showed him.
Then she couldn't find hers. She looked everywhere. In the dryer, oven, hall closet, under the bathroom sink, in the shower. She had given up hope and was near tears when she came and said I just can't find it. (Insert very sad face and eyes that had started to well up.) Cody and I asked her if she had looked everywhere in the living room. Under things, in things, and behind things? She looked again and then with a little direction from Cody, she found her basket (really it's a bucket, buckets can be used outside more then a basket).

After they had all looked through their baskets Hannah remembered that there were eggs all over the living room and kitchen that needed found. She had been scoping it out since she got up and she won, if it were a contest and we counted how many eggs each got. But that's not how we roll. Really, at that point we were in a hurry and needed to get ready to go to Mass. So neither grown-up counted the eggs, but Hannah declared herself the winner. I'll take her word for it.

Shake, shake, shake...

Shake your eggs! Oh, and the Easter Bunny puts money in most of the eggs. That Easter Bunny sure is all about having healthy teeth!

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