Thursday, May 14, 2009

The following post could end badly, but I won't tell you if it does

When I got home from work yesterday, I heard a very sad sound. First, you must understand that I'm a softy. I'm a sucker for animals and babies and all things small, cute, and cuddly (they must meet all these criteria...I don't like bugs and spiders and they are small). I also don't like to see things in trouble or hurting. Knowing this about me you can imagine my distress after I let Maggie out and walked back into the bedroom and then heard it. We've had a bird nest in the vent in our bathroom. We've had a few and I keep telling Cody he needs to put a cover over it so we don't have a repeat of the awful smell and death the happened last spring. Last night I could hear the baby chirping. We don't usually hear them. We know they are there because there is a muffled sound. Chirping, loud chirping, right above the vent cover. Oh no!!!! He must get back in his nest or he's going to die! Cody was not home yet so I called him. "Cody, I can hear the bird! He's right over the vent cover! You must put him back!" He paused for a moment. Then his response was something about tight spaces, attic, not being able to reach, blah, blah, blah. (I'm sorry, I really shouldn't say that about things that he says, but let me say again baby bird!) I was very glad that after he ate he decided to look and see what he could see.
Oh no!!!! Not one baby, but two!! O my goodness! What are we going to do? The Internet is a wonderful thing. I quickly googled abandoned baby birds. Did you know it's a myth that if you touch a bird the parents won't come back? Anyway, it said to make a makeshift nest and tie it to the tree and the mommy and daddy should come back.

Viola! Our makeshift nest. They are sooo tiny and have such huge beaks. They were loud and hungry. I have no idea how long they had been out of the nest. It was at least 3 hours and the Internet said they eat every 15-20 minutes. We had some nasty storms last night so that didn't help the situation very much. I couldn't check on them this morning because I am short and he put the nest above my head, but I called the best man in the world this morning to ask if he checked on them. He said he did and they were still alive. Then he told me that it didn't look good. They weren't as noisy this morning and they weren't moving around much. Because he knows me so very well he told me to try and not worry about them today. *Sigh* I'm not a fan of nature when it's cruel to babies.

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