Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Game time

He's too cute in his way too big uniform. The hat is as small as it goes (Cody can wear it, how 'bout a kid's size hat?) The pants have to be rolled at the waist and the shirt goes to his knees.

But look at him out there!!
He's a lefty. He eats, writes, colors, draws, shoots a basket, and throws left-handed. Batting is the only thing he does right-handed. We can't figure that out. We don't know if he's more comfortable or if the coaches have just positioned him on the right side enough that that's what he does.
With 4 & 5 year olds, the name of the game is to keep their attention long enough to play 2 innings. Everybody bats each inning and everybody plays both infield and outfield. Here he is being the pitcher's helper.
This is also very common. Wherever the ball goes Eli is sure to follow. He doesn't really stay where he's supposed to, but the coaches don't mind. That would just be me, "hi, my son is a ball hog."
This is probably one of the only times he's stayed close to his position. I'm going to guess that this was only the case because he knew he would get the ball after each kid hit, and then the mad dash to tag the bag.

Because she is the best big sister, she goes to every game and watches her brother and cheers him on. Not really, she goes by default :-)

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Kelly said...

Oh gosh. Those pants are so hilarious. Everything is too big, but the pants are cracking me up! Chris is a lefty but does some things right handed. I know he swings a golf club right handed...maybe a bat too. It probably just is a matter of how they are shown and then they become used to it.