Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Come to our puffet show!

We read 2 stories almost every night before bed. Sometimes we deviate from routine, just to spice things up a little. The other night the kids decided they wanted to put on a "puffet show" (so what that she's almost 7 and still says puffet instead of puppet, I can't bring myself to correct her, it's one of the few things she says incorrectly). They wanted to do this instead of reading. Cool, this should be funny.

Cast of characters: strange blue girl, army bunny, Eli (we had to tell him that we aren't supposed to be able to see you...a few times), and a lion like creature. This is what we learned...Hannah has the imagination and Eli is obsessed with wrestling; which he did not get from either one of us because, well,we hate it. I'm not kidding. I can not tell you how much time he spends talking about wrestling and all the wrestlers. Smile and nod, that's what I do.

Strange blue girl would ask questions about school and life. The other two characters would respond with something related to wrestling, totally not answering the question. The best part is that strange blue girl's mouth would move at the appropriate times. Army bunny and the lion like creature would not move their mouth at the right time. They would not be talking, yet their mouths would move. Then we could hear the voices and no movement. We laughed hysterically and tried to tell him when and when not to move their mouths. But alas, he failed to listen. About 5 minutes after the show began, the puppeteers began to bow. Pretty sure it was due to the fact that Hannah was done hearing about wrestling and strange blue girl being the target of attempted moves.


Sarah said...

Your little bloglet is so cute!! I can picture this puffet show absolutely. Eli must have gotten the wrestling obsession from Matt and CJ, obviously. You saw their match the other day.

Megan said...

Eli would have jumped in and done a tombstone pile driver or some other move that I should know the name because I hear it 100x a day :)