Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recital Time

Hannah has a studio wide dance recital once a year. I love and hate this weekend all at the same time. I love the time I get with just her doing the dress rehearsal on Saturday and then pretty much a full day on Sunday. What I don't like, it's a tad stressful. She had 3 routines this year, so that means 3 costume changes. But we all survived and she was fabulous!

Here is she is in her tap costume. She is really liking tap. I think it might be the noise the shoes make...maybe that's what I like :)

Here she is in her ballet costume. I apologize for the very bad lighting in the other picture. I've been talking (really hinting) to Cody about wanting a Nikon D80 and taking some photography classes. Seriously, how awesome a wedding present would that be, but then I'd have to match with an equally awesome present.

Here she is with the other girls in her jazz class. This class (and tap) is new for her this year. She's had a blast in it too.

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Sarah said...

You know what my favorite part is? That softball picture pose in the top photos! Where is her bat? Her baseball cap? So cute that she posed like that!!!