Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pick-up sticks

We went camping over the weekend. We invested in a very nice tent over the winter and finally had a weekend to use it. After last year's disaster of borrowing a tent that would hold all of us, and the thunderstorms, and the puddles of water inside the tent...I demanded this and he was ever so happy to oblige my demand. After using it, soooo worth the money.

The kids had a blast this time. Hannah was nervous about going...after last time, who could blame her. Not now, when we were packing up she wanted to know when we would do it again.

The entire time we were out Eli played pick-up sticks.

Every time we made a trip to the potty, Eli found sticks. While hiking, Eli found sticks. He was constantly picking up sticks to help the fire. He and Cody built the first fire. After that he decided that picking up sticks would be his job.

Once the fire was made, he felt it was his job to continue feeding the flames with little sticks. Yeah, and the dried leaves. He thought it was awesome to make the fire smoke. The fire needs to smoke! Not really buddy, and he had to be told a few times to stop throwing all those leaves in the fire. Then he turned it into asking every few minutes if it was time to throw another leaf in the fire. I'm glad he had fun and can't wait to go again.

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Kelly said...

Sounds like a great weekend! We want to get a good tent sometime down the road. I really don't mind camping if I have a good tent and something other than rocks to sleep on. :)