Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Canal

We took the bikes downtown on Sunday. We wanted to ride something different, (and he wanted to use the new bike rack) and decided the canal and some of the Monon Trail would be fun. It was fun. Aside from the fact that I have no grace or coordination. This would be a good trait to have when maneuvering around lots of people and tight spaces and turns. Now, I didn't fall off at all and by the end of the ride I was getting better at doing some of these tricky things that he just flies through. Another way I'm just a little jealous of him, he has grace, good balance, and coordination :)

I had never seen all of the Canal. I really like it. I'm thinking I would like to have our engagement pictures taken here. Maybe we could even get the kids and Maggie involved. I wonder if we are allowed to do that?
These guys are cute. There were some babies, but they were on the other side and I couldn't take a picture of them...I needed more zoom :(
He makes me laugh and smile all the time. I love him very much. He lived in North Carolina for about 5 years and used to climb ALL the time. In Indiana, land of flatness, he doesn't get to do this much. Climbing requires at least a 3 hour drive. When he sees something, anything really, (his brother's house included because they have a stone front) he will climb it. Barefoot and with his helmet on. When he does this I always giggle. Then he laughs at me because I take pictures of him climbing the wall between the canal and the zoo. I just hope the bears aren't on the other side.


Kelly said...

I think you can definitely bring your kids and Maggie...You'll just want to have someone else (volunteering) go with to manage the dog and kids some of the time so you two can get great shots by yourselves.

Sarah said...

Just say they're engagement pictures and they'll let you do whatever you want.

Also, Cody is wearing bike shorts. I'm just saying.