Thursday, July 16, 2009

West Baden Springs Hotel

Last week, for a few days of our much needed week off, we took off and went south. Not as far south as we would have liked, a beach would have been awesome, but still a get away from the daily grind. On our way to Patoka Lake, we stopped at the West Baden Springs Hotel. This hotel was awesome! The kids asked if we could just stay there instead of going to the Lake. The hotel has been around for a very long time under different owners.

It was vacant for many years. You wouldn't believe it unless you saw the pictures. They have pictures around of the hotel when it was empty and decaying. There was even a wall that partially collapsed in 1991.

It really is cool. It's a freestanding dome, full of light and huge.
There is a room that has different items found during the most recent renovation. There was china, original lobby chairs, the shoe shine stand, and menus from the restaurant.
We spent over an hour just wandering around and looking at everything. The kids really wanted to see one of the rooms and look down at the ground level. Too bad you had to have a key to go up to any of the floors. They weren't understanding that we would have had to rent a room. They understood that, but not that we couldn't afford to rent a room.

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Kelly said...

Love all these pictures! Seriously...sometime we need to plan a double date weekend to STAY down there. :)