Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I love our backyard

We made the backyard even better over the weekend! We (and I use that term loosely, I only helped the second day hold up boards) put the fence up at the end of the summer last year. You have to let it sit before you can stain or paint it.
We opted for stain. There was much moaning and groaning about the price (way more then we were anticipating) and the work. We (and I really mean we) worked really hard on Saturday. It was a very long day and Cody is paying for it now, his back is making him suffer.

So worth it now. It looks great. Now we just need a table for the patio that's big enough for all of us to sit at.

Oh, I forget to tell you...this is all that's left. ARE YOU KIDDING?!?! 35 gallons of stain and there's a 3'x4' area that didn't get covered. So now we have to get one more gallon to cover this spot. Since he has to do this he's decided to stain the swing set too. He said it makes the yard look bad and it stands out. Go for it my dear. I'll follow behind with the roller, because I can rock the roller!


Kelly said...

It looks great, Meg! Time for another cookout! :) I'll bring the mac n cheese!!

Sarah said...

It looks awesome! Good job Megan! I like the little empty spot, give it character.