Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School Days

Hannah's first day of school is today. This morning started day 1 of 180 that I have to get up before 5:30 so I can get myself, 2 kids, a fiance (I don't really have to do much for him, and he makes my coffee and I love him for that) and a dog all taken care of before 6:45. This morning it was earlier. The first few days we have to be at the bus stop 10 minutes before, I guess just in case the bus is early and not 10 minutes late. We had a new stop today, notice I just said today and not this year. Last year we just walked across the street. This morning, at 6:35, we walked to the entrance of the neighborhood. And then we waited and wondered why none of the other kids from last year were told to come here and what time the bus would really come. The bus came at 6:55. The bus driver said, "you're at a different stop this year!" I then asked the bus driver, "are you still picking up across the street from our house?" She said she was pretty sure she was. Great! Eli and I started walking back to the house. Cody's job was to see if a bus picked up in front of our house and he was doing a great job on his assignment. I talked to one of our neighbors (who lives closer to the new stop then we do), her girls are getting on across the street. Awesome! The bus picks up in the same place as last year! Hannah will not be getting on the bus where the transportation office thinks she should. We came to the agreement that walking across the street will be MUCH easier!
Eli's first day of preschool was yesterday. He had a blast. He is going 5 days a week this year. He's pretty excited about this. He was always disappointed that Hannah got to go more days then he did. Now he's just mad that he only gets to go for 3 hours and Hannah gets to go ALL DAY! I wonder if he'll think the same way next year when he's in Kindergarten and going all day. Guess what he did this morning? He tied his shoe! So awesome! We are super proud of him! (I did take pictures of them, but I didn't have time to upload them this morning...I'll put them up tomorrow.)

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Kelly said...

So glad to hear Eli had fun at school...AND tied his shoe! :) WTG Eli! Also good news about the bus stop...the entrance isn't THAT far...but too far for me that time of day! :)