Friday, November 13, 2009


The little things are beginning to make sense. The frustration when he sits down to work on pages out of the preschool books, not wanting the books so close to him during story time, having a hard time following the lines when he colors. Eli needs glasses. I was not expecting that when we went to the eye doctor yesterday. Neither one had ever had their eyes checked, so I was just making sure things were fine. I guess they weren't. The doctor said it's a pretty bad case and he'll need to wear them on a full time basis. He's nervous about this big change. We are trying to pump him up and make it an awesome and cool thing. We picked out frames last night and he looks adorable. You know I'll put up a picture when we get them in :)


Kelly said...

Aww! He will look adorable! And he'll be soooooo amazed at what he can see!! Glad you had it checked out!

Sarah said...

oh my gosh, Kelly is right! I was about to gush about how cute he'll be, I totally forgot how amazing it'll be for him to see!

Eli in glasses!!! Put up a picture soon!