Monday, November 2, 2009

Carving time

We got "punkins" carved! Woohoo! And on a weeknight too! This is Hannah's pumpkin pre carving.

Look! She was actually cleaning out the guts! Huge improvement from the last time we carved pumpkins. She wouldn't touch it, would have no part of it. I do love the face she's making. Still disgusted by it, but at least participating.

This is Eli's pumpkin pre carving. I love the faces, so silly.

He had no problem cleaning out his pumpkin. After Cody had used the spoon to do the scraping, he was all about cleaning it out by himself. He even helped me get all the seeds. The seeds still need to be roasted. Supposedly they are better after they've sat for a day or 3. Toasting will happen tonight.

And here's Cody's pumpkin. His always has the scary face.

All the pumpkins, even the babies with the sticker faces, and Eli's from his field-trip to the pumpkin patch. That one did not get carved. That one, and the babies, will probably hang out until Thanksgiving, and that will be the extent of our decorating for Thanksgiving.

Silly and scary jack-o-lanterns :)

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