Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mariposa, Optimus Prime, and a Witch

Mariposa is a butterfly fairy princess. Doesn't she make a beautiful butterfly fairy princess? This costume took her weeks to decide on. She doesn't make decisions quickly. I'm not sure who that comes from :)

Optimus Prime made his decision quickly. We were actually really surprised he picked this costume. Since he was about a year old he has been terrified of masks. He has hated seeing anyone dressed up. He would find his way as far away from anyone in a costume. That would include Santa. He would turn ghost white and look like he was going to pass out or throw up when it came time to get near Santa. No picture with him and Hannah and Santa since he was about 6 months old. Since he picked a costume with a mask and didn't run from anyone else dressed up this year, it might be our year for a Santa picture.

I believe she is giving a "WTH" look. Or maybe that's a "my people are soooo stupid" look. She just didn't seem as excited about wearing her costume as the kids did.


Sarah said...

I like the little witch on her back. That's my favorite part.

Kelly said...

If he's smart...he'll still steer clear of Santa!! People in full costume could be ANYONE! Creepy! haha :) great costumes! love Maggie....she can be a little witch, can't she?