Thursday, October 29, 2009

So many pumpkins

We went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. Picking just the right pumpkin is such a hard decision. So many pumpkins, so little time.

Doesn't she look so excited? She had a really hard time finding just the right pumpkin.

Very unlike him, who was super excited about the pumpkin he choose and found it about 2 minutes after we got there. Now we need to find time to carve them. We were going to do that last night, but I should know better then to think we would have time to do more then what's absolutely necessary during the week. Eli was upset, he thinks we won't get them carved. We will buddy, I promise. It might be Saturday afternoon or even Sunday afternoon, but the pumpkins will get carved.

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Kelly said...

For some reason your blog doesn't update in my list to tell me when you post! Otherwise I wouldn't have asked about carving them. Stupid thing.