Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wedding Time!

We did not escape the weekend without sickness invading our family. We were not sure Hannah would make it. She is a trooper and she sailed with flying colors. Friday night was really rough, and Saturday had moments of her looking like she was a ghost.

Paul was sick too. You can't tell in the pictures. He didn't tell my sister until they got in the car to leave the reception. And then he crashed. Let's just say my sister had lunch with my mom, Ashley, CJ, and Landon on Sunday. Sarah's husband was asleep all day Sunday. Poor guy.

Our baby girl looks so grown-up. She got to have her hair and makeup done with all of us big girls. She had a blast.

This might become one of my favorite pictures. I'm not sure when the last time was that the three of us had our picture taken.

Oh my. Really don't have much to say other then, that's my boy :)

Can you see where he dumped the bubbles all over his pants?

One of the only things I wanted was a picture of all of us together. With all of the hustle and bustle, we forgot until the end of the night. Shirts not tucked in, hair taken down, and forced smiles because they are tired. O well.

Hannah caught the bouquet. But, she will not be getting married anytime soon :)

I think they might have been ready to go home. They did awesome and it was a long day.

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Kelly said...

I just saw these!! SO awesome! I really love the one of just you and Cody. :) Best picture ever of you two. And Cody and Landon!! And the one of Hannah with a drink maybe??? I can't remember but she looks so gorgeous! Sarah looks great too. What a beautiful day!