Monday, October 12, 2009

Brown County

Her and I went for a walk yesterday. Cody has been itching to get on his mountain bike and Brown County has some great trails for him to ride. Maggie and I were on different trails at 11:00. It was chilly!

It's not peak color time yet. I want to go back when you can see more orange and red. The yellow is pretty. I wish we lived closer to this, like it was right out our backdoor.

After he was done riding the bike we went into the Abe Martin Lodge. It's rustic and would be a great wedding location. We've had a rough go at trying to plan our wedding, so many things that we want to be right but that are so far out of our hands. We have decided to stick with June and let what we can't control fall as it may. We like the idea of a Brown County ceremony. The only downfall is that we've picked the busiest wedding month of the year and now we would like to try and see if a popular area has anything available. We'll see what happens. Maybe one of the few places that can do a ceremony and a reception will have something.


Kelly said...

So back to June? Okay! Did you ask the Abe Martin lodge about pricing/availability?

Sarah said...

Megan, I'm so excited! My little stumps came today! They smell delicious and woody and will be a million times more perfect for your day!

Also - lots of swirly whimsy calligraphy. Your wedding is going to rule! Any more talk about hiring the most awesome photographers in the world? Don't crush my dream, Megan. Do not do it.