Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Plane tickets are bought, the hotel and car are booked...Monterey, CA here we come! Cody and I are going to California to visit Lucas for Thanksgiving this year. I am super excited now. Our drive from San Jose to Monterey is along a coastal highway. Our hotel is 2 blocks from the beach. Oh, and my super awesome fiancé booked a whale watching tour for us! How cool is that? He knows me so well, put me by the beach and I'm happy as a clam. Take me out on the ocean and you will be my favorite person forever. We are also going to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Seriously, I'm like one of those little kids that that stare at the glass with their mouths open in complete aw. I should have been a marine biologist. We are also within driving distance of Redwood National Forest and will probably spend a day there too. As long as I can be on the beach at sunset, I'll go wherever he wants me to. I can't wait!

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Kelly said...

Yay!! That sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you guys get to go again this year. :)I have MAJOR beach envy.