Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who loves a delay?

Hannah is starting to understand just what a two hour delay means. She said this morning that she loves delays. Oh my, and it starts. I can remember being in school and when the weather was supposed to be nasty or just a little nasty hoping and praying for a delay or, even better, for school to be cancelled. My parents are both educators, but I don't remember if my mom got stressed out when we had a delay; maybe because she worked in the district we attended. Anyway, we had our second delay of the school year this morning. I got the phone call (yes, they call and it's awesome!) early enough to not wake the kids up at normal time, not early enough for me to not get out of bed. Bummer because I don't feel good today so more sleep would have been nice. Hannah was pretty excited that she got to sleep until 8 on a school day. The only bad part about delays, I get to be 2.5 hours late to work. I'm just glad they don't get mad.

I wonder how she would react if school was to be cancelled. She doesn't know that this is possible yet. Don't anyone tell her, K?

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Kelly said...

hahaha. my lips are sealed. :)