Monday, May 17, 2010

A late Mother's Day post

I take pictures all the time and always have the camera with me, I'm just not good and putting them up anywhere. My Mother's Day was awesome. And it might have been the last nice day we've had in over a week. It didn't rain and I think it's rained every day since then. We went to breakfast at LePeeps. We met my mom, grandmother, Aunt and cousins, brothers and sister, sister-in-law, and nephew. After brunch we met my mom, Ash, and Landon at Mallow Run. A few hours relaxing, sipping on wine, and playing with the kids. I could not have asked for a better day.

Oh, and my present...a finch feeder! Please excuse the dirty window, Maggie doesn't understand that she doesn't need to put her nose on it ALL the time. One of these days, when we are rich, I'll get a camera where I don't have to perfect the army crawl without being seen to get a better picture of these guys. And maybe one where you can't tell how dirty the window is :)

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Sarah said...

Eli's face looks so much better! And geez, how huge is Landon? He is seriously a giant. Literally a giant. He's big. I miss you guys:(