Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Trunks

I'm trying to rack my brain and remember the last time the kids had new bathing suits. They just don't gain weight. They grow taller, but not tall enough to grow out of last years suit. I think they got new ones 2 summers ago. Yep, it was time for new ones. Eli first, cause he's home more, and they were having a pool party at school today and tomorrow. (I love Walmart at 8 in the morning.) He's talked about a Phineas and Ferb suit for almost a week now. Luckily they had one in his size. He got an x-small and I had to cinch the inside drawstring AND the outside as much as they would go AND the suit is still too big on his belly. But he's got some cool new swim trunks.


Sarah said...

Hee! Eli's so skinny! He looks pretty stoked about the new suit :)

Kelly said...

Love Phineas and Ferb!! Lookin' good Eli!