Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Presents on the doorstep

I feel like I should know the UPS and FedEx drivers by name. They've been bringing us lots of different online purchases for the wedding lately. But they aren't social (apparently neither am I if I've been doing lots of shopping online), they just drop presents, ring the doorbell, and run. Reminds me of the dog poop in bag tricks. Anyway, plants came today!

We ordered our tomato plants from Burpee. We have 3 sweet tangerine and 3 steak sandwich plants. I was curious how they would ship live plants. Pretty cool little set-up they have. Now I need to plant. Tomatoes, a few pepper varieties, and corn. And this dark purple clematis is going out front. But guess what? More rain!!!! They will have to wait until Saturday.

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Kelly said...

For some reason I am always amazed that you can actually grow corn in your backyard. lol can't wait to eat it!!!